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Paired Pear

Paired Pear

About three years ago I acquired some small Bradford Pear logs from a friend of mine. I sawed up the wood and let it dry for about two years before I did anything with it. The first project out of the wood was a small shelf I have. These candle sticks are the latest thing I’ve made from this delightful golden species.

Pear has a very light yellowish white color with ruddy hues in some places. As the wood ages it takes on a golden color as though the wood was slightly roasted. The grain of pear is very fine and takes a nice finish from steal wool on the lathe. This pair of sticks required only one coat of oil, although I’m inclined to give them a rub down with wax as well.
The form of these candle sticks is a departure from what I’ve turned so far. Up to this point all my turnings have had several distinct details; beads, coves, sharp defined transitions etc. The form of these pieces is continuous and uninterrupted from top to bottom. The point on the candle sticks where the form is constricted is the result of conscientious proportioning. I wanted the ratio of the length of the bottom section to be about 1.6 times longer than the top, in order to take advantage of the “golden ratio,” which is often more harmonious than other dimensions.

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Posted by John Speier on December 29, 2012

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