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Solid Walnut Entertainment

I’ve been drinking a lot more coffee here lately.  The end of my semester is fast approaching and the pressure of testing is palpable.  Teaching high school and trying to build two large pieces of furniture (and a smaller hall table) have really been taxing my resources physically and spiritually.  I was relieved to move this entertainment cabinet out of my basement and into the living room for photographing.  

When I work on a large piece like this (five feet wide) my awareness of the space limitations of my shop becomes heightened.  I’ve found work flow and transitions through my space to be very important, so when there is something large in the way, woodworking can become frustrating.  I learn with each new piece that I am both incredibly limited in what I can do, yet very capable of overcoming new challenges in design and structure.  I enjoy the freedom and spontaneity I bring to my work, but often don’t think several steps ahead and that can lead to mistakes.  

Existentialism does not always mix well with woodworking.  Sometimes I wonder how big a mistake I would need to make to get me to start making more thorough plans.  So far a rough sketch is all I need and room to take the next step.  

I’ll have a cherry armoire to finish building next.  At 6.5 feet tall and 5 wide, it will be quite a bit more imposing than the entertainment center and already I feel the deadline encroaching on my piece of mind.  More to come on this later.  


Posted by John Speier on November 27, 2012
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  1. 11/27/2012

    That is a totally amazing work of art. Some one is very lucky to have that in their home. great job!

  2. 11/29/2012
    Stephen Hughes

    Its about time I made a side board (a bit shorter than yours)!
    But its great to see other wood workers work! I tend to turn wood these days, than design objects with it!

    • 12/3/2012

      Hey Steve, I’m always glad to hear from other wood workers. I’ve been turning for about three months now and really enjoy it. I hope to post more of the turned work in the future. Thanks for your comments


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