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A new place to eat breakfast

When we bought our house, the previous owner took a few pieces of her furniture back (fair enough) which left us with some empty spaces to fill.  I decided one of those spaces needed to be filled with a new table.  I made this one out of maple and cherry and finished it with a linseed oil/bees wax blend.  The first picture is of some of the maple figure I discovered after planing down the boards for the top.  It also shows some of the interesting coloration that resulted from a phenomena called spalting.  This is caused by a fungus entering the wood and causing various types of coloration.  

The dark coloration in the second picture (right side) is caused by some lead pellets from a shot gun.  Apparently before this tree was turned into boards, it was a casualty of the local hunters.  There is still one piece of lead in the top (I left it for visual interest).  

The final photo is the table in its new home, ready for years of enjoyment.  The final dimensions are about 40″ long, 32″ wide and 30″ high.  






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Posted by John Speier on September 16, 2012
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  1. 09/17/2012
    Paul White

    The lead shot, ironically enough, may have resulted in a squirrel on someone else’s table.


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