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Preparing for arts and crafts festivals this year

I’ve been using all my spare time lately getting my display walls ready for several festivals I plan to attend this year.  I had to devise some sort of lightweight yet sturdy wall system on which I could hang pictures.  The walls had to be pleasing to the eye as well.  I settled on canvas covered 1/4 inch plywood with 2×3 framing.  

This afternoon Jennifer and I did a practice run to see how easy/difficult setup would be.  It ended up taking about two hours in all to set up and connect the walls, place the tent over the walls and hang the pictures.  Many festival applications require a photo of one’s booth setup, which was part of our motivation for doing this today.  I’m glad our first set up was here at the house where I had access to my tools.  I ended up having to screw several parts together I hadn’t planned on, and using several more scraps of wood I wouldn’t have had at a festival.  

I guess I’m getting old because my back hurts now and I feel dead (I might also attribute the fatigue to my high school students).  It could have been worse though.  I might not have moved the walls so easily had it not been for my home made wall dolly.




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Posted by John Speier on March 26, 2012

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