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Experimental Etching

Print making was one of my favorite discoveries in college.  I had no idea how much I would enjoy the various printmaking processes.  Etching is one of those processes.  The technique involves using a variety of methods of applying acid to the surface of a zinc plate to create low spots.  In these low spots, ink is deposited through a laborious process of wiping the plate in a systematic circular fashion. The plate is then wiped clean, leaving ink in the low spots. Paper is placed on top of the plate and the sandwich is forced under the wheel on a printing press.  During this process the paper fibers are pushed into the low spots, where they grab onto the ink that remains. Removing the paper on the other side of the press reveals a mirror image of the zinc plate.  

Most of my time etching was spent experimenting with various mark making methods, so the one etching I made lacked the coherence and clarity I would have otherwise liked it to have.  Nevertheless I am still pleased with the print.  

Conrad E18 Etching Press


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Posted by John Speier on March 10, 2012

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