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DNA, the language of life.  This incredible molecule codes for all of the parts of every living thing.  The DNA from one cell could be stretched out to about 6 feet long.

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Posted by John Speier on March 4, 2012
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  1. 03/5/2012
    Paul White

    Do you ever wonder why we see color, since it is not a fundamental property of light? As far as I can determine, if a group of colorblind scientists had always been isolated on an island, they would know nothing of color. I think that this alone is pretty compelling evidence of not only intelligent design, but design with a purpose.

    • 03/5/2012

      Interesting question Paul. J.P. Moreland, one of my favorite christian philosophers, agrees with the notion that color is not a fundamental property of light or that it is the same thing as a particular wavelength of light. He says that colors are an addition to our experience that God imparts to things. An argument Moreland offers for light and color being different things is the fact that we can imagine colors without having to ‘see’ them or have light involved at all. We can’t cut open our brain and find the color green or anything that corresponds to the though of green.

      Moreland would regard redness or wetness (as in water) as universals, which are instantiated at particular instances in space and time, so objects have redness, as opposed to being red. He has a book on it called universals (which is very difficult, I’m only about 1/4 the way through) where he discusses how exactly objects ‘have’ these universals.

      You’d probably be interested in his book “Christianity and the Nature of Science, a Philosophical investigation.” Moreland is the most knowledgeable Christian I have encountered on issues of science, worldview and how we apprehend the world (as it regards how we ‘see’ the world).


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