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Rough Lumber

This is how most of my projects start their journey, rough sawn boards.  These cherry boards began as a log my friend found on the side of the road.  I stood the log on end and used a chainsaw to make 4 cuts down the length, which proved a fairly accurate yet time intensive process.  Its best to have rough lumber around and wait till your ready to build something before squaring and smoothing up the surfaces, as the wood could move quite a bit between being processed and receiving the coats of finish.  When I get “green” or fresh cut timber, I paint the ends of the wood, as it will dry about 6 times faster at the ends than on the surface, which leads to cracking and instability.  These boards dried for about two years before I planed them.


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Posted by John Speier on March 3, 2012
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  1. 03/3/2012

    Wow…….you have quite the steady hand to cut these with a chainsaw. I made a bench for the yard from a fallen pine. I think my chain was dull, and I did not take my time. This is impressive stuff and great work.
    Hope you are well

    • 03/5/2012

      Thanks Charles. You’ll always have a special place in my memory, having taught me how to cut matts. I appreciate so much the time you took those couple of days in your gallery to help me out. I learned from the matting master.


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